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Blocks 100 / 300
Melee Weapons Spade
Primary Weapons SMG
Secondary Weapons Jetpack
Equipment Rocket Turret, Grenade, Snow Blower
Constructs Flare Block, Caltrop, Platform, Safety Tube

Take to the skies! Use your jetpack to find places other classes can't reach - but be careful how exposed you are when you land!

The Rocketeer was the third class in the game Ace of Spades. He was equipped with a jetpack that could let him glide or shoot upwards, an SMG, grenades and an automatic sentry.

Sometime in 2013, he was replaced by the Engineer, which rose some controversity in the Ace of Spades community. However, many people claim that they diss the Engineer just because he's slow, has an extremely long jetpack cooldown wait time, and worst of all, does not have the Glider jetpack. Several petetions have been created.